Friday, February 19, 2010

WEEK IN REVIEW: An epic week of partying yields no casualties, in a manner of speaking

A little dumber and worse for wear, but everything should be returning to normal over the weekend. Whew.

A recap of this past week:

Saturday: New Year's Eve! Winning drink: baijiu (thank you to me, with a nod to Matt).

Sunday: Party at Ellen's (Mardi Gras theme) where inappropriate things that will never be spoken of again went down. Winning drink: jungle juice (thanks Gareth).

Monday: Party at Jim's (James Bond theme), where people drank the host's water-deprived gin. Winning drink: martini (thanks Jim).

Tuesday: Party at Baby Girl's, Tao's, Alicia's and Candice's, de facto Ben's and Chaitkin's (College Games + Southern + Big Lebowski theme). Winning drink: White Russian (thanks Jeff), just barely edging out Yanjing/Tsingtao beer. Lots of caps played. The party moved to Candice's friend's place, which was mansion-like, and it got really, really weird. Gareth puked while dominating flip-cup. Sandy got piss drunk. Ellen got piss drunk. Jeff got piss drunk. Baby Girl, uh... moving on... Baby Girl's friends got piss drunk. Candice got piss drunk. Ben got so drunk he passed out on a bed and something or other. Shan was probably piss drunk, though I can't be certain. Jim wasn't very drunk, though he was dancing a lot as if he were. Betsy was so drunk she fellated a cactus arm (no, I'm just kidding... she did grind up against Matt Mueller though.) Chaitkin was okay too. But if the piss drunks were to sit on one side of a seesaw and the not-quite-piss-drunks sat on the other, the not-quite-piss-drunkards would get launched catapult-like into the piss-drunkards and a fight would ensue with broken glass bottles -- speaking of, Joe wasn't at Candice's! GAR! -- and there would have been casualties. Uh-huh.

Alicia, Matt and I wound down our night at The Den watching Manchester United beat AC Milan 3-2 in a thrilling game.

And now your PICTURES OF THE WEEK, from Tuesday night:


Lincoln, who's currently in Hong Kong, on Feb. 18:

im going to kunming. are you?

lets get trooooopicallll !!!!

And a reminder that the 2nd annual Kunming Hat Tournament is in two weeks, March 6-7.

Also, pickup this Sunday MAY BE OUTDOORS! Pack accordingly.

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