Friday, February 5, 2010

WEEK IN REVIEW: In preparation for next week's Chinese New Year

It's almost that time again, to flip the other calendar, set off fireworks and drink till our livers scratch the blackboard of our nerves. Beijing Ultimate's got big plans. Until then, count down the days, friends.

PICTURES OF THE WEEK (belated... they were actually from two weeks ago, taken at the slideshow viewing at Jiggly-Wiggly):

Comment-that-makes-no-sense-out-of-context of the week:

P.S. re: Hsing-Hui's comment I don't think everyone attending a party at joe and my apartment needs to be put inside condoms and then slowly inserted into the house one lengthening stroke at a time...

I think that was what you were lewdly alluding to earlier.
--The one and only Jeff Orcutt

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