Monday, August 9, 2010

WEEKEND ROUNDUP, pt. 1: Saying goodbye once again

She texted us the following day with a simple message at 12:20 pm:

Bye friends! [heart symbol] Pnut

And that was it. Tina Yen -- known everywhere as Pnut (even in Chinese -- "Where's huasheng?" the bar manager asked me) -- has left us. Again.

On Friday we participated in a party in Wudaokou themed "P is for PNUT's Party!" We went to PBD Pizza and then Solutions -- a Propaganda-like bar next to Propaganda -- for drinking and dancing. The idea of the party was to have people dress as something that starts with the letter P. Sam, for example, went as Peter Pan. Pnut went as Poker Face. Lots of people decided on "player," which is so prosaic it doesn't serve a capitalized P. Baby Girl, my roommate, went as Pearl -- the tampax. And I went as Period Pad.

It was truly disgusting -- even to me. And that's saying something.

We did get a cool group shot though: Andy is "Pillage captain," i.e. Mike Shyu; Nina and Alicia are Pink, um... pink. And Chirona and her friend Chelsea are preppies.

Something tells me this picture below will eventually find its way into the wrong hands and I'm going to be made to look like a MAJOR douche. I shudder to think what people will say about Jehan:

Remember, the costume is PERIOD PAD. The two shades of blood are a nice touch, but does it beat Baby Girl, going as Pearl tampax, wearing all white except for a red hat, with a string dangling from his shorts?

It was, in the end, Pnut's party and we were all just visitors. Here is her stealing the show:

Jim as Popeye.

We're going to miss you, Pnut. We may not be seeing any of this anytime soon, but we'll sure remember it. We'll see you soon.


For such a one with an
Unpretentious smile,
Could we not say, with all the colors in the
Kaleidescope of the heart,
That in this most brutish, most awful
Reality we might find
Communion, sweet

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