Monday, August 2, 2010

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: More than just mojitos went down at 1-kuai mojito night at Fubar...

After the final regular season game of summer league concluded on Sunday, a bunch of people went to Fubar for its monthly 1-kuai mojito night, except this time they weren't serving mojitos -- they were serving margaritas. And it was so cold that some people who shall remain nameless, like Andy, puked on the spot due to the drink's "coldness." Later, Baby Girl stumbled home and kept saying how fucked he was, which is true -- he puked the next day, multiple times. (But way to keep it down on Sunday night, champ.)

It's good to see summer league captains representin'.

But they aren't the story. No, the real story involved a couple of people who ACTUALLY shall remain nameless. Hint though: this is the fourth consecutive post in which Jim's been tagged. (UPDATE, 8/9: Picture here.)

POSTSCRIPT: Pnut gave Ben Redden a black eye.

Ben: "I'll head-butt you."
Pnut: "If you do I'm going to punch you."
Ben: pretends to head-butt Pnut.
Pnut: socks Ben in the eye with an overhead right.

Pictures to come, I hope. I'll track down Ben and snap a photo if I have to go all paparazzi on him.

Nice to have you back, Pnut.

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