Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jeff Orcutt on China Nationals, just three days away!

Tourney director Jeff Orcutt recently sent a long, bilingual email (which can be read in its entirety) containing this key information:


The best way to go to the fields is by getting off at the Beiyuan Road North Subway stop (北苑路北站). Get in a cab and head back in the direction you came and get on the fifth ring road going East. You will get off at the next exit (just after the exhibition center) and Followthe map. Head south till the “T” interestion (three lights) and take a left. At the first left (a large entrance to a golf club) take a left and enter. Cabs will not be able to come into the club.


The fields: No. 9 Beihu Anwai, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 10021
场地: 北京市潮阳区安外北湖九号100012
Tel: 010 64918888,116.452503&sspn=0.054301,0.11055&gl=cn&ie=UTF8&ll=40.011839,116.428642&spn=0.102289,0.351563&z=12&brcurrent=3,0x35f1abee2256d2b5:0x41463bb400158de5%3B5,0

Party Restaurant: Fusheng Restaurant, Beijing, Chaoyang District, Chaoyang Road, Sanjianfang Nanli, Number 4
Tel: 010 65731046

Jeff Orcutt: 15910769472
王瑶 Yao: 13811030105
沈安Shen: 15001385477

Hopefully you're following the China Ultimate blog for the latest updates.

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