Friday, May 29, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW: When Blogger goes silent...

Technically they blocked Blogger two weeks ago, the Friday before China Nationals, but we're only now feeling the brunt of China's latest streak of hypersensitivity (the Chinese government would give any 13-year-old girl a run for her money in that department). As of today, this blog's two weeks behind on Retrospectives and a week and a half behind with everything else. (Note: this post is backdated from 6/3.) That will change.

But enough about the (small, insignificant in the large scheme of things) inconveniences of living in Beijing. Here's your week in rewiew.


From Wednesday night/Thursday morning at Luga's Villa, watching the Manchester United vs. Barcelona Champions League final.

Nice picture, Kevin. You pervert.

p.s. Alicia, diehard ManU fan, needs consoling.


Betsy, 5/26/09:

people who play with frisbees,

betsy has a lot be angry about. just barely scratching the surface are the lakers, the complete global financial meltdown cashmageddon, and, as always, doc. but times like this weekend’s hat tournament make the pain bearable; charlotte bouncing frisbees off kevin’s face, lincoln being skied by a 12 year old, shouting nonsense at a rugby game (try! try!) while drinking frosty beer… summer in beijing has arrived, let the weekly frolfing commence.

WEEKLY ITEM #1: The Weekly Schedule
Every Tuesday, Pick Up, 8-10, Deshengmen

Saturday, Big Brother practice, Dulwich, 12-2pm, followed by pickup 2-4pm

Thursday Morning, Champions League Final/Margaritas and Cheerios Party, Luga’s Villa, 2:45am wear pajamas. and please, take a nap first so you aren’t all cranky
and tired and whiney and tao-ish. betsy hates dealing with all the babies who complain about tequila shots for breakfast. cheerio.

WEEKLY ITEM #2: Shanghai Theme
at chris and jeff’s bing bar birthday, it was discussed, motioned, seconded, voted upon, geeked about, and unanimously agreed that big brother would be doozers at the construction-themed saturday night shanghai party. this is a doozer, from fraggle rock:

this is jeff dressed as a doozer:

joe and kevin have been hereby commissioned to work on group costumes, and by reading this e-mail, they accept. we need yellow hard hats, yellow gloves, yellow suspenders/utility belt, olive green pants and long sleeve shirt.

for more information on doozers, consult wikipedia or your local dvd cellar.

now is the time in the weekly email when betsy gives her weekly shout outs and call outs. remember, you want to get shouted out, but you don't want to get called out.

a shout out to jason cox. are you happy now? betsy retired your number for you. now please come back and reclaim it. betsy’s already fine-tuning her teragigawatt fuel cell generator, so you should be unemployed in time for hong kong.

a call out to kevin. please stop messing with people. if you continue, you will no longer be loved by everyone, but only by most. also: shave that stupid beard. that was so joe circa 2008.

a shout out to jeff. jeff remains on semi-permanent shout out status. this week, it’s for his persistence while chasing tail, albeit unsuccessfully, until 5 am on friday night. keep reaching for the stars there, jolly rancher.

a call out to doc. legos? really? oh doc. you were once the king of party ideas. your candle burned out long before your gayness ever did. that, and you’re totally gay.

a shout out to “shadys and haileys: rowr”. betsy was delighted by the performance of her team at the hat tournament. not only was she on the team with the most middle schoolers, but she got to play with gavin. she was most impressed with his catch/blind huck philosophy. at this week’s practice, we will be working on a new offensive strategy set, known as “grip and rip”.

a call out to gavin. will you request betsy as a facebook friend? rofl betsy will poke u lol

a shout out to duff. betsy personally thanks you for everything you’ve done for ultimate in beijing. please graduate most of your players next year so they don’t embarrass big brother anymore. or start bringing them to tryouts.

a call out to cdice. awards party please.

a shout out to tao. yeah, betsy’s pretty shocked too. she’s a closet ultimate fighting fan and she looks great in a jiu-jitsu gi.

WEEKLY RUMOR THAT MUST BE TRUE: betsy overheard zahlen learning from tao who was telling everyone in the front of the bus that jim declared aaron was going to have the awards party at his parents mansion. thanks aaron. tao will be happy to help you set everything up. you guys have plenty of time (read: two days) to let us know when it’s on. hint: it must be this holiday weekend. directions: go to guomao,
walk north. note: if aaron forgets to tell everyone, assume it’s friday night. postscript: bring lots of beer and prepare to trash the place. his parents are totally cool with it.

WEEKLY ITEM #3: Weekly Quiz

the weekly quiz is a time when betsy asks a piece of trivia, be it from pop culture, beijing ultimate history, or any other field that betsy chooses. as always, the use of google is prohibited, but this week, wikipedia is encouraged. just don’t use google to find the wikipedia page, or betsy will disqualify you, violently. this week: fraggle rock. the winner is allowed to shower in all four of the bathrooms during the awards party at aaron’s mansion this weekend.

name the dog and ned shimmelfinnie’s cat
name two doozers
name the five main fraggles
name the trash heap and her two heralds

the winna of the last quiz was tao (enjoy yo stupid fluffa nuttas), with 4 outta 6 correct. doc is actually “no-pants melon balls” and char is “off da hook goat smuggla”. betsy understands why you were confused, that one was tricky. for all the correct answers please consult

and finally, this week’s rule clarification from the 11th edition, re: when you can start stalling a player.

XIII. The Thrower
4. If the disc comes to rest other than on the playing field proper, a member of the team becoming offense must put the disc into play within twenty seconds after it comes to rest.

5. If an offensive player unnecessarily delays putting the disc into play in violation of rule XIX.B, a defender within three meters of the spot the disc is to be put into play may issue a delay of game warning instead of calling a violation. If the behavior in violation of rule XIX.B is not immediately stopped, the marker may initiate and continue a stall count, regardless of the actions of the offense. In order to invoke this rule, after announcing “delay of game,” the marker must give the offense two seconds to react to the warning, and then announce “disc in” before initiating the stall count.

XIV. The Marker
2. Only the marker (II.K) may initiate or continue a stall count, and may do so anytime a thrower has possession of a disc that is live or in play. However, directly after a turnover or when putting the pull into play the stall may not be initiated before a pivot is established, unless delay of game or pre-stall rules (XIII.A.3, XIII.A. 4, XIII.A.5 or VI.B.5.d) apply.

catch you on the field,

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