Friday, May 8, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW: Big Brother teams set for China Nationals

Also happens to be your Google Groups post of the week:

After some or a lot of deliberation and much mocking of Tao's idea to draft teams for China Nationals, Jim, Doc, Joe and Tao drafted teams for China Natties on Thursday night at Side Saddle in Sanlitun. If your name is on the following list you will be representing Big Brother next weekend as Beijing hosts the third annual China Nationals.

Some people on this list have not CONFIRMED they are playing -- i.e. emailed Jim (, paid 300 RMB -- but rumors of their interest landed them here. If this describes you, please email one of us asap. If you aren't listed but would like to play, TELL US NOW!!! or soon.

**Team Sexy Beautiful, captained by Doc and Jim:

Brian Marterererererer
Donald De Bona
Kat V
Kevin Diamond-Cutter Reitz
Patrick Li
Tina Xuexue

**Team Ugly Trolls, captained by Joe and Tao:

Andy Young
Jeff Orcutt
Larke like the bird

Please pay Jim as soon as you can. To review: 300 RMB gets you lunch on both days, a very boozy big dinner Saturday, all-you-can-drink beer Sunday, very fun Ultimate and probably a disc, and it's for a great cause. TD Jeff Orcutt et al. have been working very hard to make this happen and as a community we should do all we can to ensure an unforgettable weekend for ourselves and Ultimate Frisbee players from across the country. You realize Wuhan's sending a team? Crazy. Here's Jeff's original message:

In other news, Big Brother will practice Sunday after spring league finals. We will be working on end zone situations, set plays and hucking (offense, defense and everything in between), followed by a nice, relaxing, death-to-your-mother-if-you-lose scrimmage. If you've ever wanted to take advantage of Doc in the sexual sense, this Sunday will provide your best opportunity as he'll be an emotional wreck after his all-star team loses to Team All That Is Good in the World. Remember, he doesn't drink.

See you this weekend, unless you're not in the country (yet)... you know who you are.


POSTSCRIPT: Those who'd like to defect to Team Sexy from Ugly must become beautiful, which we all know is most easily accomplished by drinking, smoking, using lots of drugs and/or (moreso "and") sleeping around. Those who want to move from Sexy to Ugly must answer this riddle:

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