Friday, May 1, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW: Welcoming Gareth

The newest member of the Beijing Ultimate community...

You probably didn't know this, Gareth, but setting foot in Beijing automatically qualifies you as a Beijing Ultimate player for all subsequent Asia tournaments, including Shanghai and Hong Kong. In fact, it's mandatory. You think it's just anyone who gets a label on this website?

Anyway, your picture of the week is a video...

KTV on Thursday night


Yin's thread titled, HOCKEY, anyone?

It went a couple deep before...


Can someone translate this into English please?


I got this Tao,

I visited Niagara Falls once and am therefore widely considered foreign expert about the sport of Hockey (or Ho-Kay, as they refer to it in some parts of Canada)

Hockey is a sport where you have two teams of players. One team pushes a big heavy puck across the ice while two other people either scratch or smooth the ice in front of the puck. If the puck comes to rest on a large bull's eye, it is referred to as a hole in one. Three holes in one make a touchdown, three touchdowns is a hat trick. At the end of the season there is a big competition where the prize is a large silver goblet. From this goblet, the victorious team drinks either mare or seal blood, depending if the current year ends in an odd or even number.

Oddly enough, a mixed team from South and North Carolina were the victors in last years joust.

That's the general idea.



Doug and Lisa. More later...

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