Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stupid Canadians with their hockey references pollute Beijing Ultimate and threaten to destroy all that is good within our humble community, forever

Yin Kong's Gmail status message just now:

recap of whats been going on
in the world- goodnews:
badnews: swine flu

Followed by this conversation:

me: you've been playing caps?
Yin: ....
me: oh
Yin: youre so culturally insensitive tao
you know i'm canadian
me: that could not have not-registered on my radar any more


Yin: hmmm
but you fail to see the irony
that the caps are an american team
me: i don't think you understan
hockey does not exist in america
the caps are nto an american team
nice try though
Sent at 12:02 AM on Thursday
Yin: where can i watch hockey?
in bijieng?
me: canada
Yin: ...

Swine flu pandemic? I blame Canada!

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