Thursday, April 16, 2009

China Nationals website

Jeff Orcutt writing:

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone has cleared the weekend of the 16th and 17th of May since this year’s China Open (Nationals) is going to be awesome. After some technical difficulties we are ready to go live with our website. Please visit the site to get information from around China concerning Frisbee.

Captains should sign up and register their teams for China Nationals through this site. Please email or for detailed instructions.

Thanks guys and we all look forward to seeing you in May.

China Nationals Crew


我希望每个人都已经清楚比赛将于五月十六号、十七号举行。今年的公开赛(全国赛)将会非常棒。在解决了一些技术难题后,我们的网站将投入使用。请登录 来收集国内外关于飞盘的信息。

队长们应该在这个网站上注册,并且为他们的队伍报名参加今年的全国赛。详情与说明请致电邮到 或者



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