Monday, April 13, 2009


The gregarious Candice Lee invited about 100 friends or so to a six-team kickball tournament on Saturday, which she organized as part of her birthday party, and it ended up being about as pretty as you'd expect a kickball tourney with eight kegs of beer, and vodka.

Kevin Reitz takes it from here...

The tournament itself was fun enough, but some obvious contributing factors led to a few inevitable problems.

  1. Eight kegs of beer. We finished them all and the heat from the day left a lot of people drunker than maybe they normally would be.
  2. No one really remembers how to play kickball. We've all played it at one point, but rules are subject to debate.
  3. Most people were more interested in beer than kickball.
  1. Every game was argued pretty intensely. There were some pretty heated emotions and sometimes tended toward no longer being fun.
  2. The huge amount of beer and vague understanding of the rules led to some fights. Nothing serious, and everyone ended up friendly again, but it was just kinda lame.
  3. Wrestling.

No one knows what happened to members of the Beijing Ultimate community as they dispersed afterwards and ended up at places like Luga's, Tun, and the pit of despair.


  1. Don't get me wrong, it was "fun", i just wish everyone knew how to settle on-field disputes like Ultimate players do. Sure makes me appreciate the level of respect we have for each other in the disc community. Rarely does a disagreement ever escalate beyond 10 seconds or so.

  2. three comments! a record, perhaps?