Monday, April 20, 2009


A successful trip! Big Brother got in on Friday night, played seven games over the weekend in absolutely perfect weather, partied like it was a Frisbee tournament on Sunday and escaped just before a monsoon cancelled all flights out of Jeju. Seriously, ours was the last flight out on Monday morning.

More (many more) details to come later.

And for the record, Big Brother's games:

Jeju - Furey, W 11-5
Soft Wood, W 11-6 (after trailing 5-2)
Xtacles, W 11-4
Huwa (Shanghai A), L 11-6

Kuru, W 11-0
Quarters: Kim Jon Illin', W 10-8
Semis: Dirty Old KUNTs (Korea A), L 13-8

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