Thursday, April 23, 2009

Important China Nationals deadline announcement


Jeff Orcutt speaking on today's meeting:

Hey everyone,

At the meeting Tao and I discussed the format of the tournament and he is going to go crazy making us multiple scenarios and generally geeking out on the project. In the UPA tournament format document they start by saying all you really need for a tournament are fields and a schedule.

Congratulations, I think we can truthfully say that we have a tournament now.

But about all that other stuff....

Hotel deposits are in and sponsors are coming in. We are picking up 500 discs from ultipro (trying out the tiananmen design) in Shanghai and we have the fields up north. The restaurant in a muslim place right next to the hotels.

We now have a number of estimated expenses and only hypothetical revenue. Please encourage the people you know to register. Dalian, Hangtime, and air woo (wuhan) have all registered. Remember to remind all the chinese people that you don't have to pay tournament fees next year if you win.

And what do the tournament fees get you?
Awesome fields -- 2 Days!
Lunch -- twice!
Kick ass dinner/boozey party with some games (and drinking)
Field food (forever)
Beer on Sunday (after noon)
Probably a disc (if we don't go broke)
A crap ton of Facebook photos

Joe mentioned that maybe we don't need a theme to the party. We can still play the interesting games. However, I don't believe I would get to know people well enough to make the questions. could someone please volunteer to help the teams make hints about people who are coming? Probably could be done a short time before the tournament (like in the last week?). Right?

With no theme we can also concentrate on fun games and getting to know each other. And it doesn't stop people from dressing funky anyways.

So what do you guys think? Theme? No theme? Cowboys? no pants?

tomorrow morning I want to send out a email to all of the captains giving a deadline of the 30th to get all of their team registered. I would love to be able to tell them the party/theme. If I do not hear disagreement about the Cowboys theme I say let's do it.

Ok, Let's do this thing.



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