Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back from Jeju

So much to discuss from the weekend that sentence fragments bullet points:

  • Pink shorts:

  • Lauren's and Mike's costumes...

  • Lauren and Mike by night's end...

  • Joe winning a party award on Saturday night at the Rubik's Cube-themed party and Jim being Jim, eventually returning to the hotel to crack a 20-minute monologue Robin-Williams-Live-On-Broadway-style.

  • Big Brother playing great Ultimate the entire weekend before developing a serious case of the drops in its semifinal game against Korea, the eventual tourney champion.

  • Sandy being honored on the Gnarly Nines all-star team.

  • Brian and I being called into what can only be called a porn shoot. We were ushered from our hotel room to another one across the hall, in which Jim -- shirtless, of course -- was giving directions to Mike, who was taking videos on his camera from his knees.

    Oh, you want to know...

  • The Sunday party.

Here's what Beijing looked like, by the way, on the day of our return (Monday):

We love you, Beijing!

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