Monday, June 1, 2009

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Post-Dragon Boat Festival sadness: goodbye to Laurene

Looking good on the China Nationals party bus

The French girl in this picture left over the weekend for Rio de Janeiro, where she has a six-month job contract and, we can only imagine, all the luxuries in the world, so the Indian-American (also in the picture) threw her a going-away BCD. We would tell you what happened, but our maturer sensibilities prevent us.

Their names are Laurene and Larke.

Also of note, Jim flew off his bike on Second Ring Road while trying to avoid a motor bike Friday night, and when we say flew, we mean it. Luckily he used his S.W.A.T. training to duck and roll and minimize his injuries to just a skinned elbow and knee and bruise on the bum.

Not sure exactly why this is of note, but that man is pretty much always noteworthy.

POSTSCRIPT: Dragon Boat Festival in Qingdao:

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