Friday, June 19, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW: Shhh... Beijing is going to Singapore

Don't spread the word just yet because 1) it's not official, and 2) we don't want Asia getting all atwitter.

But Singapore, August 8-9: expect to see us there. Especially as we're still the defending champions*.

PICTURES OF THE WEEK: How a group photo is taken, by Helen Shyu (from Shanghai)


Sinapore !
by Lincoln Cheung:

Hey tournament enthusiasts,

I know we're still basking in the gong show that was last weekend in Shanghai. But im bored at work and did some research about Singapore !

So , the tournament is August 8th - 9th (in singapore), the last time Big Brother went as a team they won ! If they could do it , its probably pretty easy to go in there and dominate which is always fun in my books. And if that doesnt go to plan , we could just go and win the party award again.

SO getting there: I've concocted a dirt cheap way to get there (but requires Friday and Monday being taken off work for those who actually have 9-5 jobs)

so Friday: Train to tianjin, fly tianjin to kuala lumpur, fly KL to singapore ! - leave beijing around 6:00 amam get to singapore at 3:30 pm

and returning : leave at 9:00 pm , and arrive back in beijing the following morning for 7:05 am.

this is all for 1486 RMB as of yesterday !!!!!!!!!!!!! TAX INCLUDED !!! (+ train cost to get to tianjin, but i think thats like only 20 kuai round trip)

now thats a pretty good deal.

anyways, im not even sure if im going yet - but several people have exprsesed interest

aaron and his girlfriend andrea is going for sure, in fact aaron has told me "he would love to tear sh** up in singapore" ....of course he does , and i hope he means on the field and not anywhere else

Its still early but express your interest , opinions and grievances here !


*From 2004

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