Monday, June 8, 2009

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Dance your cares away!

Worries for another day...

Jim and Joe as Doozers from Fraggle Rock

And if you're able to access YouTube:

The catchy (and complete) Fraggle Rock theme song can be heard here (video here, but you need a proxy or VPN to see it in China).

Together now! "A-doo-doo-doo-de doo-doo-doo de-de-de dum-dum-dum-de-dum..." (You have no idea how long it took me to type that just now.)

POSTSCRIPT: For the hell of it...

POSTSCRIPT 2: Why haven't more gatherings taken place at The Boat? It's a beautiful bar, and it's on a real boat. Doc, Charlotte, Alicia, Brian and I welcomed Lester to Beijing (he's just passing through) with an outing there on Saturday night.

POSTSCRIPT 3: The complete lyrics to the
Doozer Building Song:

There's a time, there's a season,
When the world starts again.

And for no other reason,

Than the dream in our brain.

Sing a tune for the tower,

Sing a song for the stair.

Sing-a-ling for the power,

Tracing shapes in the air.

We will build on the bridges (go!).

We will build on the heights (go!).

We will build through the daytime (go!),

And the long, lonely nights (go!).

And the world has the reason (go!),
And the world has the right (go!).

We will all work together,

Building shapes out of time.

Take your lead from the leader.

Take a tip from the top (work!).

Work and build till you stagger (work!).

Work and build till you drop (work!).

'Cause your basements will founder (work!),

And your buildings will fade (work!).

If you don't dream together,

As foundations are laid.

So go high with your willing,

And go high with the gleam.
And be sure that your building's,
Making real our dream.
For we don't know the starting,

And we don't know the end.
But we know that our building,

Makes the whole world a friend.

We will all work together (go!).

We will all work as one (go!).

For today is forever (go!),
And the dream world is one (go!).

And the space that we're building (go!),

Is a grace in our lives (go!).

From the shapes we are given,

We will build till we die

(Workin', workin', workin', workin'...)

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