Thursday, June 11, 2009

A special message from Betsy

Two days before the tournament, but who's counting?

Betsy on Tuesday:


big brother has never been more fired up, mentally tough, physically prepared, and hungrier for a victory then right now. take pride. this is our tournament. we deserve the championship we are about to get, and it will feel great when we take it.

WEEKLY ITEM #1: The Weekly Schedule

Every Tuesday, Pick Up, 8-10, Deshengmen

last chance to play some disc before shanghai. get psyched. play hard. don’t rupture anything that you'll need this weekend.


WEEKLY ITEM #2: Shanghai Logistics

all the information is out there. see kevin’s e-mail about costumes, jim’s e-mail about hotels and other information, aaron’s e-mail about jersey’s and shorts, and hhh’s e-mails about being a better human being and sucking less. you can ignore the stuff tao’s been putting out there. it’s mostly garbage, except for the doozer ultimate clip. that's pretty sweet.


now is the time in the weekly email when betsy gives her weekly shout outs and call outs. remember, you want to get shouted out, but you don't want to get called out.

a shout out to stephanie and kevin. the doozer costumes are epic. way better than anything doc ever put together.

a shout out to kevin and stephanie. the fraggle rock viewing was wonderful. clap clap.

a shout out to aaron. betsy loves our new jerseys.

a shout out jim. you finally a way to improve your throws. betsy recommends buying more rubber gloves.

a shout out to hhh. betsy’s main goal for shanghai is to make out with john greenberg after getting him so violently drunk that he thinks she’s tao. her secondary goal is to complete the elusive party award/tournament champion/spirit award trifecta.

a shout out to jeff. this is jeff’s last free week of his semi-permanent shout out status. by now we’ve all forgotten what he did that was so great, and all of beijing is on tenterhooks awaiting his next hilarious foible rendering him call-out-able.

a shout out to big brother’s ultimate attire. white jersey on black shorts … black jersey on pink shorts. sick. bring your pink this weekend.

a call out to aaron and tao. the awards party was a complete failure. you have turned betsy into a one woman pitchfork wielding mob, furious, enraged, lashing out violently at shapes and colors, bent only on your complete and painful destruction. she will stop at nothing to bring you down. unless you hold the awards party the weekend after shanghai. that would probably appease her.


WEEKLY ITEM #3: Lunch time Poll

Who’s personal goal is most likely to be achieved this weekend in shanghai?

a) aaron and lincoln have the same goal: to emulate the other one so much they actually become fused into one being. their plan includes wearing the same clothes, acting the same, and taking showers at the same time.
b) joe’s goal to answer every “why” question throughout the weekend with because you touch yourself at night. that never get’s old.
c) tao’s goal to out boot-rally-boot shen.
d) big brother’s goal to play out of their heads, smart, but leaving everything on the field, and win the whole damn thing.

cast your votes!


WEEKLY RUMOR THAT MUST BE TRUE: while in a drunken, useless stupor saturday night, charlotte vomited all over a polite fu wu ren while trying to say “mai dan”. tao and alicia stood by shaking their heads (alicia is getting quite good at it, under tao’s “tutelage”) while doc giggled like a fat boy who just cut a rumbling fart in history class. charlotte rallied, and, consequently, vomited again. lester was also there and made fun of sandy a lot.


and finally, your moment of zen, courtesy of hhh.

You sense your man's movement. You can smell his/her sweat. You anticipate the throw. You hear the up call. You can feel the slight crosswind, and you know where the disc is going to move. You burst forward, you feel the smooth plastic against your palm as your fingers close around the curved edge. You feel the grass burn as you hit the ground horizontally. You hear the cheering of the sidelines.

catch you on the field,

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