Friday, June 5, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW: The reason Beijing will win the Shanghai tourney party yet again

THE WELCOME BACK KEN DRY EDITION (he's pictured below as Tennessee Ave.)

A week and a day away from the Shanghai tournament...

As the party theme this year is "Construction," Beijing Big Brother will be going as Doozers, those lovable creatures from Fraggle Rock who must continually build cubic sugar (crack?) structures in order to survive. Here is your PICTURE OF THE WEEK, via Betsy's May 26 post:

YouTube clip (the original Yes We Can)

This is an appropriate follow-up to Beijing's award-winning (everyone knows Beijing should have won) costumes from last year's Shanghai tourney.

This was during a rough stretch in Sandy's love life.

Be sure to check this site Tuesday for the pre-Shanghai retrospective.


Betsy, for the fourth straight week, 6/2/09:


betsy is all aglow this week. she is well rested from the long weekend and has eaten enough glutinous rice balls to last through the winter. if she never sees another zong zi again in her life, she will be sad, because they are tasty.

so she's got that going for her, which is nice. then there's the whole big brother world domination at shanghai in only 11 days thing. get pumped.

WEEKLY ITEM #1: The Weekly Schedule

Every Tuesday, Pick Up, 8-10pm, Deshengmen
come work on the skills from the last few practices: switches, break throws, hard marks, and the first step after your throw.

Sunday, Big Brother practice, Dulwich, 2-4pm, followed by pickup 4-6pm

Thursday, Fraggle Rock Viewing, Club Sandwich, 8-10pm
it's no secret that fraggle rock is all abuzz these days. everyone's talking about it, even the uncool kids like doc. he says things like, what’s a fraggle? regardless, everyone’s excited. jim got the masses joined together in a theme song sing-along at laurene's BCD. then they cried sweet, sweet tears of anticipatory joy. gobo would be proud.

every week, betsy gets a lot of emails inviting her out on dates, complementing her on her leadership skills, asking her ultimate related questions, and wanting to know who she is. the mailbag is where she answers these questions. as always, these are real letters from real readers.

Letter #1:

hi betsy,
i haven’t been coming out much lately but i was wondering, are there any new studs in town i should keep my eye on? i appreciate any tips!

looking for fresh meat,

hi c-dice:
first of all, you know our arrangement: after betsy’s had her pick you can slum off the leftovers. but the sad truth is, there isn’t much to work with these days. even our resident bachelors are shacking up… kevin, chris, doc, and tao, against all odds, are getting lucky. and there have been few replacements as of late. joe and jeff are still technically available, although they don’t like to be separated. how do you feel about indian?


Letter #2:

hi betsy,
this is gavin, from the dragons. why don’t you ever come out to play ultimate? i have never seen you there.

can’t wait to play with you!

hi gavin!
thanks for writing! betsy has been out, almost every week. she’s always wanted to meet you, but the truth is, she’s a little shy in person. you will have to make the first move.



now is the time in the weekly email when betsy gives her weekly shout outs and call outs. remember, you want to get shouted out, but you don't want to get called out.

a shout out to laurene. thanks for teaching us that some french people are actually pretty cool. you’ll be missed. betsy will come visit you in brazil.

a call out to kevin. catch your cares away? you get your head out of your butt. even doc knew that one and he’s more clueless than tao. shake shake, kevin, shake shake.

a shout out to jeff. jeff remains on semi-permanent shout out status. this week, betsy congratulates him for yet another bumbling adventure which eventually descended into complete drunken madness, culminating in repeated bouts of falling down. that was disc on saturday. also for that time when he drank a half bottle of whiskey.

a call out to aaron and tao. you have one more weekend before shanghai to set up the awards party. do not tempt betsy’s wrath. she’s been in a good mood lately.

a shout out to marjory. betsy appreciates how your minions sing your praises… “the trash heap has spoken! nyeah!". betsy will be taking lessons on thursday, and will soon have her congregation praising her thusly.

a call out to sandy, tao, alicia, doc, charlotte. you all are making betsy work hard for material this week. even harder than you need to work to get with tao’s mom. fortunately tao’s mom is still comedy gold.

a shout out the whole frisbee community. you make betsy proud. get pumped. shanghai is only 11 days away.

a call out to jehan. why haven’t you called? betsy doesn’t like to play games.


WEEKLY RUMOR THAT MUST BE TRUE: betsy witnessed a perverse display of man-on-man-beast action after laurene’s bcd. while joe looked on with jealousy, jim was seen taking luxurious body shots off jeff: salt in the belly button, lime squeezed onto the nipples, mouth-to-mouthing the tequila. hsing-hui while practicing for a future in gay porn, captured the whole thing, put it to music, and will be distributing it at all the local dvd cellars. the reception will be outstanding. look for a sneak preview at this week’s fraggle rock showing. hsing-hui has already leaked information about her next installment… doc the peep and brian the martyr starring in “middle-aged lovin”.

and finally, your moment of zen:

…will be shown this thursday at club sandwich, from 8-10pm.

catch you on the field,

The honorable mention goes to Jehan, for the effort...


I don't play games.

I play *game*.

(Yes, I really wrote that)

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