Friday, October 29, 2010

WEEK IN REVIEW: A busy weekend ahead

First, happy belated birthday to Joe, who turned 26 on Tuesday. We celebrated at Souk trivia night, where it was 60 rmb-all-you-can-drink but not nearly as messy as the first time.

Tonight's Big Brother's post-Hong Kong team dinner, to be held at the normal Boozy Chinese Dinner place at 7:30. Afterwards we'll head to Jiangjinjiu Bar near Gulou (Drum and Bell Towers) to hear Autobots, Deploy! play for perhaps their last time. (Rumor has it that Jeff Orcutt is leaving us forever. Details to come as they become available.)

Tomorrow, a bunch of us will be going to Jehan's improv show while wearing our Halloween costumes. Others of us will be going to a party at Josh's place, guaranteed to be awesome because he's in the process of obtaining an ice luge.

A very, very busy weekend culminates with practice on Sunday at BCIS. Yes, we've officially moved indoors for the winter ... or have we?

In other news, China's central heating system -- namely how it's NOT ON -- can go fuck itself.

Oh, and Alicia's back from Shenzhen for the weekend. Welcome back, Alicia!


From Jim and Tao's final ever trivia at Souk Lounge (bar is moving places, and we may be moving our quiz... stay tuned).

In lieu of GOOGLE GROUPS POST OF THE WEEK, we have...


Chirona, 10/23:

Dear Friends and Family,

In memory of my friend Paige who passed away this summer, we have established an endowment fund through Brown. The fund has two main goals: one, to provide money for travel, tournament fees, etc... for those students who cannot afford them to still be able to play Ultimate, and two, to honor Paige's commitment to community service by donating money from the fund each year to a community service organization of the Ultimate team's choosing.

Attached is a more detailed description of the fund, and further information and donation instructions can be found on the fund's website:

Additionally, I am currently working on getting Paige V. Hicks memorial discs created, which we will be mailing out as a thank you for donations as well as selling to raise further funds.

I encourage all of you to donate even just a few dollars because every little bit counts.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you in advance for your support in helping all of us to honor Paige's life.

With Love,

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