Monday, October 11, 2010

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Ken Dry's birthday party - epic

Photo from Kevin Reitz

I wasn't at this party because, like mentioned earlier, I'm Stateside (Overland Park, KS, currently), but Kevin Reitz was. He takes it away on his blog:

Ken's birthday was a week ago, but we got together and threw him a redneck party on saturday. It was one of the best random costume parties in Beijing so far. Everyone got into character, spoke in a southern accent, and used plenty of white trash slang. Please read the remainder of this post in a southern accent... think Forrest Gump.

Howdy Folks! This here's a story about me, Cleatus. As you can see, i'm a handsome man, but none too bright. I ain't never won no awards fer thinkin and my momma never did send me for no book learnin. My wheels still turning, but the hamsters dead.

It goes on to detail all levels of hilarity. Go read it.

POSTSCRIPT: Via Urban Dictionary, Cleatus is "a classic slack jawed yokel type moron" [sic].

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