Friday, October 1, 2010

WEEK IN REVIEW: Did trivia happen if no one remembers the fuck happened?

Last October, we had a three-day party at Ellen's apartment to celebrate New China's 60th birthday. That's a long time to be idle with friends, no matter how much you enjoy their company. This year, the party on National Day eve lasted just a few hours, but major props to Alex Ornik (new from Tufts) for hosting.


I've asked several people now, and only one of them -- Jim -- actually remembers what the face-off category was.

Kirby, who was on the winning team, mis-remembered the category.

Baby Girl, whose goons friends nearly got into a fight, does not remember.

Ingrid and Peach -- forget it.

Nina does not remember.

Boehner does not remember.

Jeff does not remember.

Was Joe even still around?

But it was finally decided, more or less, by this email by Jim:

The team that won trivia sat in the middle. (wasn't that the team baby girl and boehner were on?) They went head to head w/ Nina and Kirby's team I thought. Final category was... web comics? drink off? Kirby lost. I think.

We did classics (i think), web comics, and a drink off during the night. I have the sheet at home w/ the scores if you want me to look it up when I get back.

So there you have it. Open-bar nights are brutal.

Trivia's off for the next two weeks, but will resume Oct. 19.

Without further ado:

Video coming soon.


Tao and Jim, back to back on 9/28:

Many of you already know, but for those who need the details for tonight's party:

*What: Jim and Tao's 20th week anniversary trivia *What, part deux: 60 rmb all-you-can-drink Tsingtao drafts and well drinks
*What, part tres: Teams up to 6, we'll put you on a team if you can't bring your own; takeaway prizes every round, including a bottle of Skyy for final winner.

*Where: Souk Lounge, located at the west gate of Chaoyang Park next to Annie's Pizza and The World of Suzie Wong's. Between Liangmaqiao and Tuanjiehu subway stops on line 10.
*When: 8:30 pm. Though we'll be there early, probably drinking.
*Why: You ever see Jim drunk? Because it's happening tonight.


Tao neglected to mention that I am supposed to be on a flight at 6:55am the following morning, so there is no excuse not to come out. Help me try to be the latest Beijing Ultimate player to miss a flight due to partying!


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