Friday, October 15, 2010

Announcing: Bangkok Hat Tourney, February 12-13, 2011

Facebook page here. Beijing has been known to have fun at Bangkok Hat -- ask either Betsy or Doc.

The following note is from Tri of Bangkok:

Greetings ultimate folks! I'm happy to pass along the word that the Dawgz finally set the date for the 11th Bangkok Hat. It will take place on February 12/13, 2011. (It is a little later than last year because we want people to avoid the hassles of traveling during Lunar New Year time. Sorry, can't please everyone.)

Important FYI- It will be at the same fields/facility. If you didn't see the guns in the past, allow me to remind you that it's an Army base. Therefore, it maybe NOT be available when political problems (ala Red Shirts) arise. So, we hope it wouldn't be a surprise or a problem for you when the tournament hits a major wall. (We tried to look for back up fields but nothing is nearby that can hold 6 games simultaneously.) Let's hope for the best.

Registration site is not ready yet. Look for it in a few weeks (late October). Check our website later on: And you can email the committee if you have any specific questions (or suggestions)

Meanwhile, check your work calendar and for flights. Hope to see you in February.


Tri and co.

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