Friday, October 22, 2010

WEEK IN REVIEW: Hong Kong - ready, steady, go!

Preparing for the Pan-Asian tournament this weekend.


Some typhoon Megi talk. The POST OF THE WEEK is an email from Wally:

Subject: Reality Check

I like you y'all and I'm psyched to play hot ultimate and win this fucking tourney. . . but it reality, this is not some macho show of who's the biggest stud (Jim's excluded of course), stand up to the silly typhoon and go balls out. . . People. . .intelligent people, usually try to avoid such natural disasters if they can. . . because a very real possibility exists that this so called phenomenon could inflict serious injury or something worse. . .

Yes, i am not a big fan of flights in storms, nor am I any less of a man if I don't fly to Hong Kong and play frisbee during a typhoon. Does anyone want to call me out on the stupidity of that statement??? Because up until this latest email from Kristen, she lives in Hong Kong, I feel like that's been the attitude and mentality of BB.

Somehow, I would like to think more of BB than this. We can wait an see, I suppose. Maybe the typhoon will suddenly dissipate and all will be good. . .

Her email to Joe and I is below.. .please read.

"hey guys -
so, just a heads up... not sure if you watch the weather channel or hear anything about hong kong weather...
but we have a super typhoon headed towards us.
it's apparently one of the strongest typhoons seen in the past 10 years.

not sure what that'll mean for your travel plans and flights, or what it'll mean for the tourney. i think most of the HK'ers are expecting the tourney to be called off at this point, but we're all still crossing our fingers."

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