Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Betsy Beijing on the recently concluded Bangkok Hat Tournament

There was a hat tourney over the weekend that most of Beijing elected to skip in favor of Pnut's birthday party. Not Betsy though. She corresponds:

hey suckers,

that's right, i'm talking to all you cretins that call yourself frisbee players that didn't go the bangkok hat this weekend. last year we had 8 people there, if you include jenn brown, and betsy does, even if most of you don't really care for her. but these year, we only had two.

now, normally, betsy would be eager to write about how the beijing players did at the tournament, but since doc was the only other person to go, and since none of you actually like him, and since he'll probably talk your ear off about how awesome he was as a captain and how it's not his fault his team sucked, i'm going to leave him out of this email. instead, i'll just give you a little tease of what everyone missed.

and yes, betsy's team won again. that's nine years in a row. betsy is beginning to think she is good luck. the winning color was white. we should all expect more good things out of white teams in the year of the ox.

the weekly quiz:

which of the following best epitomizes what the weekend was like without betsy in beijing:

a) kevin, corey, jim, barbie, patrick li, ken su, shen, and julio all WILLINGLY had sex with their girlfriends/wives this weekend.

b) tao took to hanging all over birthday tina to try and get over all the pain and suffering he feels after yet another rejection from betsy, and in the process learned that adding new rejection to old rejection does not help one's broken heart

c) boehner and the refrigerator shot a special video on saturday night, but had it banned from you tube due to terms of use violations. go to you tube and search for "mini hulk like tossed salad"

d) jeff wrote a mean letter to matt flynn at expressing how upset he was with beijing ultimate for allowing betsy to leave for the weekend. he then went on to complain about the management of beijing ultimate, the poor communication and money management, and the lack of wednesday night frisbee.


what you missed out on in bangkok:

you missed out on yj getting so drunk at the fields on saturday afternoon (yes, saturday) that she tried to insert herself into several couples and get a three way make out session going. all this while games were still being played. the closest she got was with kristin and grant from hong kong.

you missed out on the year 3009 costume party, the highlights of which included a drag queen musical dance number, mary carlson from shanghai dressed in the fork lift like machine ripley used to kill the alien queen at the end of aliens, and steiner dressed in a clown wig and vote for hugo chavez t-shirt, pissing roberto off so much they got into a fist fight, which was eventually ended when raven from manila slapped them both across the face.

you missed out on the best field food betsy has ever had in a tournament, ever.

you missed out on sam berry's little brother trying his best to intentionally throw a game in the b-pool quarters, drawing the ire of the rest of his teammates who actually wanted to win.

you missed out on so much fun, you are going to have to live with the indignity of not going to the cheapest, easiest to get to, most partyin' tournament that side of hk for another full year.


your moment of zen: [EDITOR'S NOTE: Just fast-forward to the 3:17 mark]

this is betsy's next tournament. where will you be?


Oh, and Doc is the Player of the Week.

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