Thursday, February 12, 2009

GUEST POST: Jeff Orcutt on the recently concluded Kunming Hat Tourney

Thanks to everyone that made Kunming such a fun tournament. Seriously. If you didn't come this year you have to go next.

Take a second to ponder the following. Do you like:

  • Sunburn (and the associated beautiful weather)
  • Huge tubs of pineapple
  • Cute girls (and Joe making out with them for beer)
  • Cute men (so I'm told)
  • Nice grass
  • A party that is downstairs from your bed
  • Relaxed competitive Ultimate
  • Southern China
  • The Berry brothers
  • F-ing amazing tournaments
  • A really pumped Ningbo team?

If you answered yes to some, none or all of the above then you should have been there.

Feel free to add to the list if you were there.

Also, if you are interested playing outside Wednesday evening at Deshengmen send an email. Yea, Ultimate. It rocks. Frisbee!

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