Saturday, February 28, 2009

A BCD reminder

A BCD*, as everyone in Beijing Ultimate can tell you, is one of the greatest things in the world. Kevin has called one for tonight to celebrate the arrival of his imported girlfriend, Therese, whom we shall all call Mrs. Kevin from here on.

His words:

Greetings all-

Let's pretend that we actually NEED a reason for a random BCD once in a while. Let us gather at the usual DZM location, just west of the 7-11, on saturday at 7pm to welcome my girlfriend to town. The long anticipated Therese (ter-ace) will be making her Beijing Ultimate public debut for all to heckle/adore. The afterparty location is obvious; we should have no problem cramming everyone into joe and jeff's apartment, with spillover into steph's since she won't be there to stop us from using the community spare key.

Unlike some people who completely vanish when their loved one comes to town (you know who you are), i will be vanishing only sometimes. Come get your fill while you can!


In response, Beijing Ultimate has only one word: Bukkake Yes.

*Boozy Chinese Dinner

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