Friday, February 13, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW: Last thoughts on Kunming

It was really, really sweet, and awesome and spectacular and incredible and sweet. Did I already say that?


Friday: Hump Hostel, ping-pong, and tossing on the Golden Horse Square

Registration party at the Speakeasy: baijiu, basically

Day 1, Saturday: Spongebeard Boobpants, 3-0;, 2-1; After the Game, 1-2; Ningbo, 0-3

Saturday night dinner and party: Initiations and drinking games, e.g. Survivor Flip Cup, Fuck the Dealer, Racehorse, Twister, etc.

Day 2, Sunday: semis -- Spongebeard Boobpants beats Ningbo 15-3; beats After the Game 10-9 after trailing 8-5 at half; finals -- SBBP wins 15-10

A lot more photos here.


betsy's valentine's special:

i know that many of you have been waiting for me to announce who i'll be spending my valentine's day with. well, you can't pin this butterfly down. i'll be keeping my options open til the last minute, in case something better comes along. and something always does. sorry fellas.

but what i can do for you is give you all a chance to find another valentine more in your league.

so betsy presents the win yourself a valentine contest. this contest is open to all beijing residents, male and female alike. the lucky winner will have their own special valentine's dinner with beijing's newest eligible female, alicia liu.

between now and saturday, you have to make your case to be alicia's valentine. buy her flowers. bring her chocolate. take her to go used bike shopping. whatever it is, you better get moving, because valentine's day is right around the corner.

the winner will be announced saturday at 3 pm, which will give the winner a chance to shower and shave, and get to hong kong, which is where alicia is going to be this weekend. don't worry, you'll have a free place to stay with alicia's parents, and you'll be back in time for frisbee on sunday.

here's the early handicapping:

chris b. 2-1 odds (they've already shared a subway to disc together, had dinner together, and held hands in the park. chris is definitely the early favorite)

chip 3-1 (they have never actually met, and chip has a girlfriend, but he's incredibly good looking. that has to count for something)

zahlen 5-1 (zahlen actually forgot who alicia was and had to be reminded last night at pick up. but never count zahlen out. when zahlen sets his mind on something, he's hard to resist.)

barbie 7-1 (interest in barbie at a all time high after this weeks rumor began circulating)

kevin 10-1 (kevin's a long shot, but betsy is pulling for him. maybe then he'll stop bothering me about valentine's day)

jeff 12-1 (jeff's heart has never really gotten over char, so it would be nice to see him finally make a comeback with allicia. too bad alicia's least favorite colors are orange and pink.)

patrick li 20-1 (patrick is rich. alicia likes rich people. she told me so herself. that's one reason she like's me so much. but patrick is married, which is a strike against him. but did i mention he's rich?)

doc 10000-1 (keep dreaming, doc!)

good luck to all the contestants, and happy valentine's day!


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