Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Announcing: Kunming hat tourney!

Exciting, exciting news: Kunming, officially one of the most beautiful cities in China, is hosting its first-ever tournament on Feb. 7-8. For just 300 RMB ($43) you get:
  • Dinner on Saturday night
  • Two free drinks at both parties
  • Beer and liquor at the fields
  • Tourney disc
  • Jersey

The eminent Jonathan Berry has these details about registration:

To register, send an email to: kunminghat@gmail.com with the following:
-Jersey size (Chinese sizes)
-Accommodation preference and length of stay
-A rank of yourself in each of the following categories: experience,
defense, speed, throwing and receiving. See the chart below (borrowed from
the kind people of Bangkok Hat)

1- 0-6 months
2- 6 months or more, pickup only
3- More than 6 months, league experience
4- More than 2 years, mid-level club player
5- High-level club experience

1- No strategy
2- Understands a force
3- Understands a force and can play zone
4- All the above and known as a good defender

1- I can barely run
2- I can only keep up with a few opponents tops on any given line
3- I can hold my own against most
4- I got wheels

1- Can barely throw a flick, if at all
2- Can throw flicks and backhands short-range, no breaks
3- Can make longer throws and sometimes break
4- I got hucks and breaks all day

1- I have butterfingers
2- Can catch pretty well but has trouble with reading
3- Can catch under pressure and read pretty well
4- Just put it

Party theme to come.

Hope to see you all down here!
-The TDs

Here's the Facebook event link for easy forwarding.

Why would you not come?

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