Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spring and beyond

From Jeff Orcutt:

Hey everybody,

I hope that you all are getting ready for a relaxing and fulfilling Spring Festival. I hope the vacation and the new year finds you all well.

As for our Frisbee in the first few months of the next year (year of the ox) we have TONS of stuff coming up this spring. I am really excited about all of it!

First of all, we will be continuing our monthly events that started with our great hat tournament down in Yizhuang. Next month BJbang will have an event for us.

Next, an exciting Spring League will kick off in the beginning of March. We will be playing up at ISB. Best of all, the fees for the fields will be ridiculously low or maybe even FREE!

This Spring League will get us pumped up and prepared for Regionals at Tianjin in April. This will be a smaller tournament for all of the teams in the northern part of China so they can be seeded for Nationals.

In the middle of May, probably the weekend of the 16th and 17th, Beijing is going to host the third annual China Open. This year's nationals will be the biggest yet! Using the seeding from Tianjin and Ningbo we will have two days of Ultimate fun in the sun. For the second year in a row we can have the great experience of inviting other close friends and Frisbee players to Beijing to make them feel welcome and kick their ass on the fields.

As for international and other national tournaments, February has two hat tournaments, one in Kunming and one in Bangkok. Boracay's sandy beach tournament is in March. April brings Bali as well as the awesome Jeju Nines tournament. Jeju is probably the only tournament outside of
China in the spring that Beijing Big brother is planning on sending a team or two. April also has Tianjin's Regionals, don't forget. May is our Nationals and June brings Shanghai.

After all of this excitement we will have our normal summer league to beat the heat

And that is just up to June!!! Much more Ultimate excitement will round out the summer and fall.

I am very excited for all of the events we have planned and our opportunities for playing in tournaments. Any questions let me know.

I will see you all of on the fields or in the gym!



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