Thursday, January 8, 2009

Video of Hong Kong finals

From Asia Ultimate TV (big hat tip to Shane), highlights of the Pan-Asia Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Hong Kong are here (also embedded below). Clips of the finals between Big Brother and Sunken Pleasure start at the five-minute mark. I'd forgotten what a good game that was: Sunken scored the first two, led 4-2 before BB tied it, went into half up 8-6, lost the lead at 10-9, regained it by scoring the next two... back and forth the whole way. The rather obvious turning point came at 11-11, when Sunken made a couple great plays against a pumped-up Beijing D line for the score. It was 13-11, then 13-12, before Sunken scored the last two to win.

Also check out tournament director Janice Lee talking about the tournament in Episode 2.

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